Jack Dorsey the Twitter founder Leaves Bluesky board to Form a New Venture

Jack Dorsey
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The founder of Twitter (now known as X), Jack Dorsey, has resigned from Bluesky, the decentralized social media network he co-founded with assistance, as well as the board. The business said in a post that it is currently looking to add a new board member.

“With Jack’s departure, we are searching for a new board member for the Bluesky public benefit company who shares our commitment to building a social network that puts people in control of their experience,” Bluesky said on its own platform.

In November of last year, Bluesky, an alternative to Twitter/X funded by Dorsey, attracted two million users. The business expressed gratitude to Dorsey for helping to finance and launch the project.

As an open source social network operating on “atproto,” the decentralized protocol we developed, Bluesky is thriving today, the statement said. Following an X user’s inquiry about whether Dorsey was still on Bluesky’s board, to which Dorsey replied, “no,” the company officially announced his departure. Features like email verification, general user lists, advanced feed and topic options, and mobile push alerts have all been released thus far on the platform.

Bluesky raised $8 million the previous year. It had raised $13 million by 2022, and Dorsey had joined the board. In a post on the platform dated May 5, Bluesky announced Dorsey’s departure, stating that it was “looking for a new board member” and expressed gratitude to Dorsey for his assistance in initiating and financing the project.

A few hours prior, Dorsey had politely declined an inquiry on X from someone inquiring about his continued membership in Bluesky’s board. Dorsey and Bluesky did not provide an explanation for his departure. An inquiry for comment from Bluesky was not answered right away. The early Bluesky supporter was occupied on X, promoting his grants for open interest protocols and referring to the social network that is currently held by Elon Musk as “freedom technology.”

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