Karina Medeiros, Regional Manager, Transformation and Products International Air Transport Association

Karina Medeiros
Karina Medeiros CXO

In the much broader airline industry, where innovation is a lifeline, individuals like Karina Medeiros stand as a beacon of change. Karina Medeiros, whose roots are in aviation challenges for more than a decade and currently working as a regional manager for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), embodies the driving force behind the industry’s modernization and digitization efforts.

As an experienced practitioner at IATA, Karina Medeiros develops, and champions transition programs focused on distribution and payments. Its unwavering commitment revolves around modernizing industry practices, fostering digital transformation, and strengthening collaboration among key stakeholders across America Masters in Business Management in Services builds emphasizes her academic abilities, but it’s her passion for customer service and problem solving that really sets her apart.

Karina Medeiros’ role entails not only leading but actively engaging with airlines and travel agents to adopt new standards and technologies. She leads initiatives such as modern retail, standards such as New Delivery Capability (NDC) convergence, among others. Additionally, her efforts extend to the payments industry, where she advocates for the adoption of new digital interfaces, thereby streamlining processes and increasing efficiency within the business.

At the heart of Medeiros’ plan is educational empowerment. She carefully prepares and delivers training and seminars aimed at enlightening industry professionals on the nuances of modern aviation practices. Her presence as a speaker at industry events increases her influence, spreads knowledge and inspires stakeholders to actively embrace change.

A key feature of her approach is her mastery of client relationship management skills. Karina Medeiros ensures that customer satisfaction remains paramount, actively promoting partnerships and driving stakeholder success. Her dedication to building and maintaining strong relationships underscores her vital role in driving the airline industry forward.

Karina Medeiros’ journey is symptomatic of the changing landscape of aviation. In an industry that has always been driven by innovation, her contributions stand as a testament to the need to embrace change. Through her leadership, the airline has been driven into a future defined by efficiency, collaboration and digital prowess.

The impact of Karina Medeiros’ efforts extends beyond the boundaries of her program. He embodies a diverse and dynamic team dedicated to driving the airline industry towards growth and development. Her role not only shapes the present but lays the foundation for a future in which aviation is synonymous with innovation and efficiency.