Leslie Mogensen: Confidence, Logic and Open-Minded Leadership Soaring the Skies of Aviation

Leslie Mogensen
Leslie Mogensen

Leslie Mogensen is not just reaching for the skies, she’s soaring to new heights with a passion for the vast expanse of the aviation industry. In this world of airborne aspirations, success is not merely a destination but a journey, and at the helm is Leslie, the visionary CEO and Founder of Wingman Business Development.

With a captivating presence and a wealth of experience, Leslie has seamlessly transitioned into a trusted advisor for numerous organizations seeking expert guidance on growth strategies. Wingman Business Development, under Leslie’s leadership, has earned acclaim for its innovative approach and strategic prowess subsequent in consistently delivering exceptional results.

Leslie is more than a CEO, she’s a dynamic leader fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within her organization. Her dedication extends beyond personal success to cultivating loyalty and admiration from her team. Encouraging them to think innovatively and explore new avenues for growth, she empowers her team members to excel.

With an astute awareness of industry trends, Leslie is firmly committed to fostering growth, positioning herself as a beacon for success in the aviation sector. For those navigating the ever-changing skies of business, Leslie is the trusted wingman, ready to elevate endeavors to new heights.

Wings of Opportunity

Leslie embarked on her journey in General Aviation in Spokane, WA, with humble beginnings as an entry-level CSR. Reflecting on her early days, Leslie shares, “I didn’t even know that people could own and operate their own aircraft back then.”

Her career soared as she spent the next 23 years shaping her trajectory, transitioning to Scottsdale, AZ. Leslie’s climb up the ladder started at Scottsdale Air Center as a Lead Customer Service Representative. Eventually, she found herself at Atlantic Aviation at Deer Valley Airport, where she made a pivotal shift into operations, becoming an OSHA-certified professional. Leslie reminisces, “I took Fuel Quality Control classes and earned trainer certification courses, broadening my skill set.”

A decade-long tenure at Atlantic Aviation honed Leslie’s expertise, but she craved new challenges. Returning to Scottsdale, she managed aircraft brokerage for a tenant, elevating the US Aircraft Expo from a small two-show event to a nationwide extravaganza with shows in 12 cities. Leslie’s journey didn’t stop there—in 2023, she took a leap of faith, stating, “I decided to open my business to more clients,” and thus, Wingman Business Development was born.

Leslie’s story is one of dedication and growth in the aviation industry, from a novice CSR to a successful business owner, navigating the skies of opportunity. Her experiences inspire both industry insiders and those curious about the world of aviation.

Guiding, Directing, Building

Leslie’s venture—Wingman Business Development lives up to its motto: “Taking your business to new heights with us by your side.” In Leslie’s own words, “We are YOUR wingman, guiding, directing, building.”

The essence of Wingman is encapsulated in its mission to foster success for others. Leslie expresses, “I have always loved to see others succeed and grow and build, and I LOVE even more when I can be a part of it.” This simple yet powerful philosophy defines the ethos of Wingman Business Development, making it a reliable partner for businesses aiming to soar to new heights. For Leslie, it’s not just a business—it’s a passion for seeing others flourish.

The Power of Networks

Leslie leverages her extensive network to create meaningful connections, stating, “I use my Network to build and connect others, making connections and utilizing my 25 years of people and business connections for growing not just other businesses, but my growth to mine as well.” Her approach involves understanding each individual, their goals and how she can contribute to their growth.

Leslie’s 25 years of experience in people and business allows her to navigate the intricacies of diverse industries. For her, it’s about fostering growth collaboratively. Leslie’s unique blend of expertise and network makes her a valuable asset in propelling businesses forward while ensuring mutual growth.

Passion-Driven Success

Leslie, with a profound understanding of the business world, emphasizes, “What I know of the Business world, is that you HAVE TO HAVE A PASSION.” For her, business is about aligning passion with knowledge and extending that to help others. Leslie’s journey unfolds from entry-level to team management and running businesses for others, culminating in ownership of her own venture. Her perspective sees the business world as a space of connection and people underscoring the importance of passion in navigating the intricate landscape of business, a universal principle applicable to anyone seeking success and fulfillment in the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship.

Reliability and Dedication

Leslie’s commitment is staunch: “I do everything I would do for myself or my business, I treat your business like it is my own, and I give all the effort that I would expect to get.” Her ethos revolves around integrity, as she emphasizes, “I also do what I say and say what I do.”

Leslie recognizes the paramount importance of communication in her approach, understanding that clear and transparent communication is a cornerstone in fostering successful collaborations. This simple yet powerful philosophy defines the reliability and dedication Leslie brings to every client ensuring a partnership built on trust and shared commitment.

Skybound Vision

Leslie envisions a more accessible aviation landscape, stating, “I think private flying aircraft are going to be more like having a car. I think it is becoming bigger than it has.” Her approach to staying ahead involves thorough preparation: As far as preparation, she tries to stay in the know, following the trends, the news, the new projects and who is a part of them, how they are affecting the current market and what others are saying about it.

Leslie’s keen awareness of industry trends and her proactive stance make her a reliable guide in the evolving world of aviation, catering to enthusiasts and those exploring new possibilities in private flying.

A Glimpse into the Future

Leslie envisions a future focused on aiding others, expressing, “Long run, I envision helping many others in their progress and succeeding in their goals.” Her aspirations extend to creating a thriving event/venue location, where she can seamlessly bring people and events together.

Leslie’s forward-thinking outlook not only reflects her commitment to individual growth but also underscores her desire to cultivate a space for communal success and collaboration, making her vision resonate with a diverse audience seeking progress and achievement.

Listen, Learn, Lead

Leslie imparts invaluable advice for the next generation of women leaders, emphasizing, “My best advice for the next generation of women leaders is to stay true to you. BRAND YOURSELF, give yourself a name in whatever that may be.”

Leslie underscores the importance of self-investment, asserting, “Know and understand that if you put the effort into yourself and into who you are and what you have to offer, it will be seen.” Central to her counsel is the encouragement to recognize one’s worth, as she advocates, “But most of all, KNOW YOUR WORTH. Don’t be egotistic and un-logical, but be confident and know the difference. Be open-minded and listen more than you talk.” This sage advice resonates universally, offering a roadmap for aspiring women leaders across diverse fields.