Know the CEOs behind the biggest game apps

game apps

The game industry in India is one of the most promising today.

And it is no wonder that every month you learn about a new gaming application development company.

Why is this field becoming so popular? Are they easy to create? – These could be two of the firsts questions that come to mind. In fact, they are popular, but to create them you will have to keep an eye out for business in this field, combined with a creative mind to impress your target.

Are you curious about the successful people behind it? We have listed the top 5 mobile gaming companies in India. Look at these!

  1. Octro Inc by Saurabh Aggarwal

Since 2016, Octro has been growing nonstop towards success. Actually, in recent news, the company announced 800% of growth in paying users for 2020 alone, due to its famous ga-me Teen Patti, as stated in this source: It should be noted that Saurabh is a technologist with a business vision: TeenPatti was India’s first commercially gam, followed up by several successes such as Indian Rummy, and Tambola.

Saurabh began his career at Packeteer Inc. where he was part of the core engineering team. With Octro, he has had the opportunity to build one of the most complex power game developers able to engage multiplayer ga-mes.

  1. RV Technologies by Ranjit Singh 

This well-established brand is led by Ranjit Singh who is also the chief strategist. The company is known for its expertise in concept and game design, 2D / 3D design, digital art, ga-me development, animations, digital marketing, and web development.

Leading a hard-working team, Ranjit has made the company grow in this field in an amazing way, becoming a reference in innovation and presenting games like Space Shooter 3D, feral Frenzy, or Strike Off. 

  1. Hashbyte Studio by Harsh Khurana

Being passionate about games, Harsh chose the gaming industry as his career and now has 7 years of success. Hashbyte Studio has been providing gaming testing, mobile game design, and 3D gaming development services.

The company recruits the best brains in the industry, an action that has allowed them to build a huge portfolio of experience, currently reaching an international audience with outstanding gaming like the case of Battle Cow, Heads Up Trading, or Grind my Gears.

  1. SuperSike Games by Amit Goyal

From an early age, Amit developed a passion for stories and discovering different ways to tell them. Today he is a producer, writer, and gamme designer.

For six years, SuperSike Gammes has provided services such as unity 3D game development, game testing services, web application development, and gamme design services. Games like Paint Ball Gamme, Treasure Match, or See and Match have been reaching a wider audience the last month.

  1. Zebu Games by Veerendra Patil

With extensive knowledge and understanding of CG pipeline, combined with artistic creativity, Veerendra leads Zebu Gammes, a mobile gaming studio that mixes skills and strategy. Currently is one of the most promising gaming startups in India, developing gammes for Android and iOS platforms as well. Its most famous gammes include Follow the Dots, Goon School and Word Mint.

Nowadays, the gamme industry is one of the most challenging: it requires colorful and well-designed graphics and powerful coding skills. In fact, it is interesting to follow up the news on this field and be one of the first to know about the exciting updates that they can offer.

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