The best business tech accessories of 2021

business tech accessories

Be it a large company or an individual; there is an array of modern-day business tech accessories which help transform an office or enable a professional’s work-life to go a lot more smoothly. In fact, there’s an array of workplace tech tools that can help transform a business.

Not every business tech accessory is worthwhile for every business or employee, with numerous gimmicks coming to the fore in recent years. On the whole, though, it’s an area that has benefitted greatly from the technological revolution. It’s the way of the world now, with technology influencing virtually every aspect of society. One look at our smartphones tells you how far we’ve come, with more people booking holidays via apps on their iPhones, alongside the array of mobile gaming options where gamers can tackle the pantheon playing the Age of Gods based game, plus numerous puzzle games and brain teasers. Then there’s the option of conducting bank enquiries or ordering food at the touch of a button. Our smartphones have come on leaps and bounds in a relatively short space of time, much like various other forms of tech have too.

With business benefiting greatly from a whole host of business tech accessories and gadgets, we thought we’d go through some of the best products out there in 2021. Maybe one or two of them will help you and your company?

Anker PowerCore Power Bank

Working remotely from time to time can throw up several complications for an employee, especially if you’re working in a location with limited power outlets like a beach or a coffee shop, therefore making it vitally important to have a portable power bank at hand should the worst happen and your device die on you. The Anker PowerCore Power Bank is a great option because it looks clean and subtle, it’s easy to carry around, and it charges up a vast array of different devices.

BrightLink Pro Interactive

The BrightLink Pro Interactive by Epson is a projector with a truly modern feel to it. Suitable for any meeting room or office environment, the device is specifically designed for interactive display making it perfect for sharing and linking to multiple sources of information via a digital whiteboard, tablet or a conferencing display.

Mujjo laptop sleeve

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In need of a new case for your laptop? If so, then look no further than the Mujjo laptop sleeve. This stylish sleeve is lightweight, it offers plenty of storage for any additional accessories, and it offers the style that many other laptop sleeves simply don’t thanks to its felt and vegetable-tanned leather design. Not every laptop will fit into it, though.

DX Series Four Door Access

Offices are regularly targeted by criminals as they tend to contain expensive equipment, from computers to printers, therefore making it hugely important to make sure your building is safe and secure. To give your office some extra security, try adding a professional security system like the DX Series Four Door Access. It only allows those who have authorisation access; it can provide up to four access points, alongside giving your office an important high-tech feel.

PhoneSoap Business

Keeping our mobile phone devices, sanitised is arguably more important than ever before. With PhoneSoap, you’re essentially putting your device through a washing machine. Its ultraviolet rays kill off any harmful germs or bacteria on your phone immediately. It even works as a charger, too.

Other business accessories worth checking out are PD Pioneer 20000mAh 80W AC portable laptop charger, Trova Go portable safe, Fitterlab’s Fitterdesk, BenQ InstaShow S WDC20 and ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station.