Knoxville-based Business that Created Content by Fusing AI and Human Creativity Awarded $10,000

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If AI-generated content have a little less artificial quality and more of that intangible human intuition, wouldn’t that be nice? That’s exactly what the aptly titled HumanAI is promoting to companies in East Tennessee and elsewhere.
The company assists small businesses in creating marketing content, including emails and social media postings, by combining human knowledge with AI-produced content in a unique way.
On March 3, the IT startup located in Knoxville emerged victorious in the 2024 “What’s The Big Idea” pitch competition held by the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. The business won $10,000, which CEO and co-founder Preston Garland—a native of Knoxville—said will be utilized to grow the business and clientele. Along with Erich Mecherle and Charles Wilson, Garland founded the business.

For HumanAI, which was established in late 2023 and started accepting clients in January, it has grown quickly. Currently, the company employs three people and serves roughly ten small businesses, the most of which are located in East Tennessee.

HumanAI’s services could be beneficial to millions of small firms nationwide, according to Garland, as the business community struggles with the implications and ramifications of artificial intelligence.

You let them know what has to be fixed and how the house should look. After providing you with design comments and an idea of what’s feasible, the contractor puts together a team to build your ideal house.

For companies looking to produce AI-generated marketing content, HumanAI functions in the same way.
Customers may speak with a HumanAI staffer for 20 minutes, who will first understand their needs before asking the AI to create material specifically for them, saving them the hours of learning how to utilize AI.

“If (small businesses) don’t have content, they don’t have that message to share. They don’t have awareness. It’s hard for them to grow, it’s hard to get out there and find new customers,” Garland told the sources.

The technology used by HumanAI is essentially a collection of more specialized, smaller AI interfaces that collaborate to provide extensive content.

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