Leaders Vs Bosses: Who should be the Winner?

Leaders Vs Bosses

The success of any organization is purely based on the quality of leadership exhibited to the employees.

Organizations usually have a hierarchy system and they work according to a particular style. This style and method of management vary from organization to organization and from person to person. The leader has to decide how he/she wants to get the work done from fellow employees.

A boss only manages their employees whereas, a leader inspires them to think creatively and smartly gets the work done. Finding a boss is easy, a leader is what most organizations lack. A leader achieves personal goals, the company’s goals as well as the employees’ goals all at the same time. There is a thread line difference between a boss and a leader. Here are some key traits that differentiate leaders and bosses.

A leader is the one who motivates employees through his/her actions and work. They lead the employees with their inspiration factor. When people are motivated or inspired by somebody’s work, they tend to improve and become more productive. On the other hand, a boss is a manager who pushes his employees instead of directing them. This forces employees to work without any guidance.

  • A boss tends to dominate conversations by commanding the employees. The commands are usually given with little or no direction. This attitude is not sound for building a team. A leaders, on the other hand, spends time listening to concerns of the employees and giving the possible solutions. They always seek opinions from the subordinates as well as include them in the decision making process.
  • An employee can handle a dose of constructive criticism better than a scolding. Bosses are the ones who scold or threaten employees, which makes them concerned and embarrassed. A leader offers advice in a private conversation and not in front of peers. Any mistake made by the employees should be treated as a step towards learning rather than discouraging them.
  • Generally, bosses have a few chosen favorites and ignore the rest of them. This gives the employees a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. It, in turn, hampers their output as well as an approach towards work. Leaders do not ignore anyone and they treat all the employees equally.

All this being said, there are times, when even a good leader needs to act like a boss. However, how a person smartly possesses both the qualities and switches between roles according to the situational requirement. This is what matters the most. The reason behind this being, there are certain things that bosses can get done from the employees better than they can as leaders and vice versa. Keeping all these things in mind, it depends upon the individual to choose the right path of leading the company towards success.

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-Shreevarshita Gupta