Machines will do half of all work tasks by 2025. As of now it’s a third!

Machines will do half of all work tasks by 2025

Machines will do half of all work tasks by 2025

If you think life would be any easy by then, think again! A report by the World Economic Forum forecasts that inequality would only worsen! The “robot revolution” the report says, would create 97 million jobs worldwide and destroy just as many thus leaving whole communities at risk.

Jobs most threatened could include routine manual jobs with little differentiation or need to think differently and could mostly be in administration and data processing. The good part is that an equal number of jobs could emerge in healthcare, data science and eco-friendly technologies. The report came about after collating details from 300 of the world’s top companies employing 8 million people worldwide.

Among employers who participated, 50% were positive about speeding automation of select roles while 43% pinned it on technology to see job losses in favour of automation machines.

In all it could be a double-whammy for those losing jobs. On the one hand, they had the Corona virus to blame for making them sit at home, and on the other side, automation was making them do the same.

Jobs that would remain, and in fact grow would include skills like advising, decision-making, reasoning, communicating and interacting. The other areas seeming a sudden increase would be for those in the green economy and newer roles in engineering and cloud computing. Re-skilling could be big as not all of those losing jobs would want to sit idle.

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