Leadership through Diversity

Leadership through Diversity

Business leadership throughout every department of the organizational ladder has been integral to the overall success of any given business.

Effective leadership has always been about executing the company’s vision or redefining and improving it, and in some cases setting the tone and the culture for that particular organization.

This usually means creating and planning, securing resources, and watching out for and improving errors. Leadership has always been about motivating people to work together and cooperate with themselves and in some cases, other teams, to achieve a certain goal.

Keeping things in perspective, it is also important to point out that leadership is different from managing. On one hand, management is also an integral part of the success of an organization, but it is fundamentally different from leadership.

Analyzing logistics, balancing budgets and so on, and similarly while good managers could have effective leadership skills which is actually very ideal, the two traits do not necessarily always go together.

For a business leader, one always needs to be on their toes and on alert in order to ensure that the organization has a vision and stays on course towards the achievement of that vision. This often happens because in the course of everyday ebbs and flows in an organization, the employees and the organization as a whole may at some point lose track of the big picture. A good business leader always ensures that the ship is sailing the right direction, even in times that the organization may have lost its course.

Creating an initial business plan or strategy is an obvious essential part of a leader’s role, but they also need to be able to guide and support the organization through periods of strategic and operational change. This sort of management requires a steadfast leader with excellent communication skills as well as management skills to minimize resistance and to reassure those who are confused or uneasy during a potentially tumultuous time.

It all boils down to, whether or not an organization embraces diversity depending on the kind of business leadership offered by the organizational management. Some organizations have embraced diversity, while others haven’t. This sort of a situation may or may not be because of choice, but due to lack of sound business leadership.

The basis of a sound business leadership in any organization always comes with room for diversity. Diversity with regards to employment of women, ethnic diversity, millennials, and minorities in an organization should always be guided by the management to create an affirmative action towards this.

Organizations should have a policy on inclusion and as it is the responsibility of business leaders to ensure that there is diversity in an organization. This issue of diversity also needs to be addressed in the board of directors’ level. All this later on ensures that the organization does not only have diversity at the employee level, but later on at the leadership level as well.

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