The 10 Best Healthcare Magazines

best healthcare magazines

Health magazines bring you up to speed on the newest wellness activities. These magazines offer insights into the best of happenings in the healthcare world and also help people with health-related problems by offering details about the latest wellness and fitness products and services. 

Some of these magazines may have an exceptional amount of complexity and it might get impossible to determine which one to read to obtain the most relevant information with so many options available. This blog lists the best health magazines for you to select from: 

Scientific American

Scientific American is considered one of the top healthcare magazines that are committed to cover the most updated and trustworthy studies in health, science, environment, society, and technology and enhance its audience’s knowledge. The articles published by the magazine are mostly written by Noble Prize winners like policymakers, journalists, scholars, scientists, and professionals from the field.  

The magazine delivers its quality content to its huge audience via its app, website, digital editions, print, and newsletters. Here content like expert opinion and commentary, articles, news stories, videos, and more are easily accessible.

Scientific American is one of the world’s leading scientific publications. It was first written in 1880, is usually distributed on a weekly basis, and has about 130,000 print subscribers. As digital and internet subscriptions reach a wider audience the readership is valued at 570,400 people.

American Scholars’ 

American  Scholars’ is an American magazine for mainstream science (informally abbreviated SciAm). It delivers scientific knowledge to the general, informed audience on a monthly basis with attentive attention to the accuracy of its text and the consistency of its color graphics. In the past 170 years, several prominent scientists have contributed to the publishing, like Albert Einstein. It is the oldest monthly magazine continuously distributed in the USA.

The American Scholars is a well-known magazine published by the Phi Beta Society. Its contents inform us about science, public affair, culture, and history. It is one of the most trusted healthcare magazines, that has been nominated more than 15 times and has five National Magazine Awards in its name.    

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition is mostly directed at the Indian layman and is released by Magna. This wellness journal seeks to inspire and educate its subscribers. The aim is to improve the well-being of the readers. The latest medical breakthroughs, wellness, exercise, and dietary recommendations are offered in this lifestyle journal. 

B Positive

B Positive aims to inspire its followers, bind them, and educate them. It delivers unique coverage in fields such as wellness, treatment of diseases, and diet. It provides articles on protection and sanitation, health, and dietary deals. With the reporting on depression, dependence control, and spirituality this lifestyle magazine stands out from most wellness publications. 

This healthcare magazine gives you all the information one needs to know to improve their health and wellness. Be it the genuine lifestyle and health tips like how to reduce stress, how to balance diet, how to practice yoga, meditation, or good habits like how morning walks help and benefits you. It even talks about hairstyles according to season and their effects on us.  

If you wish to discover more about fitness and beauty, types of healthy diets, and nutrition according to the different needs, then read the B Positive magazine. Health-related and medical articles are also published in the magazine content. This dependable magazine is standard by Apollo Group Panel experts who have experience of more than 30 years. Also, it has internationally renowned professionals in the field. 

Food & Health Magazine

The primary focus of this wellness journal is health and well-being. Food and Health feature healthy nutritional posts, change of routine, treatment, etc. They have the advice to keep communities and individuals safe. Specials on health, lifestyle, and skin treatment are included in this India wellness guide. The emphasis is also on emotional health. 

Insights Care

Insights Medicine deals with crucial concerns and developments affecting the trajectory of the healthcare sector while exhibiting innovation both in the areas of healthcare and innovations worldwide. It provides expertise in the world of health care and the way we work, offering a cohesive information base of the latest medical discoveries and emerging technology. 

The magazine is one of the top healthcare magazines that work for the business-to-business level and provide the most reliable and updated insights into the healthcare industry, which is available in both print and digital versions. It gives you all content regarding the healthcare industry in its relationship with the great leader and technological developments in a way that even a newbie can understand.     

It aims to deliver every essential information that people should know. As it says health is the prime concern of humans with the quote the one who has health also has hope. This particular healthcare magazine has many editions that target every new aspect of the health industry. On this platform, you can read about basic things like wellness quotient to the advanced technologies like internet of medical things and how it will reshape and affect the way we live and the upcoming future.   

The magazines are useful not only for the general audience but also for the healthcare executives, healthcare institutes, medical students, doctors, and patients, for their updates regarding structural changes and increased technological interventions.  

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a magazine based out of the US that gathers knowledge and makes it accessible for people in their daily lives, from the latest studies in psychology. This scope of fitness magazines covers enhancement of oneself, connections, the interaction of mind and body, wellbeing, and function. 

This magazine is one of the biggest behavioral science and mental health platforms that are available online. The magazine content is dedicated to human behavior, which is sourced by the experts and the authors of this field of mental health and psychology. 

Also, it has the world’s greatest portal for psychotherapy, which also helps people to reach an end number of specialists for their assistance. They break down their authority’s responsibility according to their domain specialty of human behavior and give the best facility to their audience regarding clinical help.

Popular Science

Popular Science (also known as PopSci) is an American monthly magazine with popular research material that deals with publications on science and technology. It received over 58 prizes, including the American Society of Magazine Editors awards for its journalistic excellence. PopSci has been translated into over 30 languages with its origins starting in 1872 and is available in at least 45 countries. 

Modern healthcare

Modern healthcare is a weekly publication for healthcare practitioners. It is an authorized distributor of national and international news in the United States. This paper offers statistics, strategic analysis, as well as realistic knowledge on topics like IT, federal and state regulation, Medicare/Medicaid regulation, financing, equity access, compensation, acquisition, supply chain, inventory control, policymaking, administration, management, insurance, insurers, patient protection, efficiency, and emergency treatment.   

The magazine is considered as a top healthcare magazine among the readership of healthcare. The magazine is a highly preferred source, such as sources where you can buy articles cheap for research, information, policy, and healthcare business news. The magazine delivers all upcoming reports regarding trends and healthcare events.These updates are also easily provided via their e-newsletters, phone notifications, and website.  

The source is highly recommended and used by professionals to take accurate successful business decisions. The magazine is star marked as a must-read by many professionals from healthcare industries as it gives strong and all-encompassing industrial knowledge. The magazine tries not just to give news and updates but also the answer to tough questions, which helps the reader understand how new issues and development can impact them and the industry in the long run. Click here to know more about Modern Healthcare.

The magazine stands out in its editorial brilliance and is awarded by Trade Association and Business Publication International, ASHPE American Business Media, ASBPE, and Association of Health care Journalists. It is upholding one of the most renowned Morden Healthcare’s statuses for providing the top-most reliable and trending information to its audiences.   

Pharma Intelligence

Informa’s Pharma Intelligence puts biopharmaceutical analysts and the medical devices sector in the center of awareness and expertise by offering the ideal mix of news and facts and at-depth research and review. Intelligence pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in the technology business. 

Pharma Intelligence is a trustable magazine that works in the industry itself. It is one of the prominent companies that provide clinical trials, devices, market intelligence, and drugs, in the highly aggressive MedTech and pharma markets. The company has a network across the globe with professionals, analysts, and journalists. In this magazine, they deliver in-depth detailing of updates on the basis of immense professional valid data.   


The above-listed healthcare magazines are the best medium to get the latest updates and insights from the healthcare industry. Reading these quality healthcare magazines will not just help the professionals from the field, but also anyone who wishes to know about the latest updates of the healthcare sector. From the newest innovations to improved techniques, these magazines truly give a comprehensive overview of the whole healthcare industry.