Listen to Your Deceased Close Ones with Alexa’s Mimicry Magic


Amazon’s latest voice duplication from Alexa voice assistant can sound supernaturally familiar as you listen to the voice of your deceased loved members.

During its annual re: MARS conference, Amazon announced about its working on an update to its Alexa vice assistant system, that would allow the technology of artificial intelligence to mimic any voice even of a deceased person.

The company showed in an onstage video demonstration how the grandfather’s voice read out a story to a young boy instead of the signature voice stored in Alexa.

The new system will easily gather the required voice data of less than minute duration of audio in making a personalized ‘almost ditto’ internal voice preparation, rather than having some voice over artist recording for long hours together, said Rohit Prasad, senior vice president, Amazon. The company is yet to declare the launch date.

Pointing to the new concept of adding more human attributes to the AI, Rohit further added “in these times of the ongoing pandemic, when so many of us have lost someone we love, while AI can’t eliminate that pain of loss, it can definitely make their memories last.”