Meet Sarah Luyele Njamu: A Tech Entrepreneur Woman Leading the Conversation on The Future of AI, Automation and Information Security in Africa

Sarah Luyele Njamu | Group CEO and Founder | Compu-Connect Education
Sarah Luyele Njamu | Group CEO and Founder | Compu-Connect Education

AI and automation have the potential to significantly help Africa by tackling different socioeconomic issues, enhancing productivity, and stimulating innovation. Some businesses in Africa are actively working to harness AI and Automation Technologies since they have realized the potential of these technologies.

Sarah Luyele Njamu is the driving force behind the 2023 Global Summit on “The Future of AI, Automation, and Information Security in Africa,” which will be held at Radisson Blu, Mosi-oa-Tunya Hotel in Livingstone, Zambia from 13th-15th September 2023. Compu-Connect Education, a business run by Sarah Luyele Njamu, is one of the organizations in Africa that is leading the discourse on automation, information security, and artificial intelligence (AI). To accelerate the adoption of AI and automation, according to Sarah, a multidimensional strategy to include a wide range of stakeholders such as: governmental bodies, academic institutions, businesses, and civil society—is necessary.

“The Future of AI, Automation, and Information Security in Africa, Global Summit 2023,” which will be held at Radisson Blu, Mosi-oa-Tunya Hotel in Livingstone, Zambia from 13th-15th September 2023 will bring together international thought leaders and Zambian thought leaders in order to advance the conversation on the afore mentioned topics.

In order to ensure that no one is left behind, Sarah is adamant that Africans must drive and lead their own AI, automation, and information security agenda as they seek to collaborate with other global key players.

This global summit is open to participants from all industries and professions because it is believed that all professions on the continent should be involved in driving the conversation about automation, artificial intelligence, and information security because these issues affect people in all industries.

Why you should attend, “The Future of AI, Automation, and Information Security in Africa, Global Summit 2023″ which will be held at Radisson Blu, Mosi-oa-Tunya Hotel in Livingstone, Zambia from 13th-15th September 2023.”

The global summit on artificial intelligence, automation, and information security in Africa will help people from all walks of life adopt a digital mindset and receive knowledge about how these technologies are changing the commercial landscape in Africa. Professionals from a range of industries will be able to consider new possibilities for a digital future and ask the correct questions with a digital mindset. Organizational talent may be developed, and companies can be ready for successful and ongoing digital transformation with the help of leaders and managers who comprehend and use these ways.

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Sarah has been featured on several Television and Radio stations in Africa, such as Zambia National Broadcasting Services (ZNBC), QTV, SABC Channel Africa Radio and Hot FM.

She is a Global Ambassador for WomenTech Network.

In 2020, she was honoured to be named among the 100 faces of women role models in Tech.

In 2021 and 2022, she was selected by Deloitte Africa & WIA to mentor Women Tech startups and Innovation Business Startups, respectively.

In 2021, she was nominated for the following global awards: Global Technology Leadership Award, Digital Transformation Leader of the Year and Women Tech Ambassador of the Year.

In 2022, she was among the winners of the Women in ICT Award of the Year.

How African Firms are Leveraging RPA to Optimize Processes and Empower Employees?

Sarah shares how the implementation of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system for one of Compu- Connect Education’s clients in the financial sector has brought about great efficiency.

This RPA system utilizes software bots to automate payment processing, make verifications against bank data, and make the necessary adjustments to the accounting systems and internal reports. Remarkably, this entire process occurs without any human involvement.

The adoption of RPA has yielded significant advantages for the client, including:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience and Prompt Response: The RPA system enables a better customer experience by facilitating quicker response times.
  • Error-Free Data Capture: With the implementation of RPA, data capture errors have been reduced to zero percent, ensuring accuracy and reliability in financial processes.
  • Cost Savings: The client has experienced savings of approximately 25% on operational costs, thanks to the increased efficiency and reduced manual effort brought about by RPA.
  • Improved Employee Morale: By relieving employees of mundane and repetitive tasks, the RPA system has boosted employee morale. Staff members can now focus on delivering creative and valuable customer service, contributing to both client satisfaction and organizational success.

Through the adoption of RPA, Compu-Connect Education has helped its clients to effectively leverage technology to optimize processes, enhance customer service, achieve cost savings, and empower employees.

Recognising women contribution towards Africa’s Digital Transformation Agenda

Sarah Luyele Njamu is the CEO and Founder of Compu- Connect Education, a Johannesburg-based firm specializing in IT consulting, digital transformation solutions, and skills development. They focus on various areas such as robotic process automation, AI chatbots, cyber security, IT infrastructure management, learning management systems, custom software development, future skills training, Agile project management, an international certification for public-private partnerships, and robotics with coding for schools.

Sarah is not only a renowned speaker at international conferences but also a digital transformation specialist, facilitator, trainer, business mentor for Deloitte Africa and Women in Africa, and a mentor for tech start-ups. With over 24 years of work experience, she holds qualifications in both business and education.

Sarah initially began her professional journey as a math teacher in Zambia back in 1998. She later moved to Botswana in 2000 and continued teaching math at a private high school. However, her career took a turn when she transitioned to becoming a lecturer in higher education. It was in this role, where she instructed tertiary students in math and computer skills, that her passion for technology ignited.

After completing her MBA, Sarah decided to explore new opportunities and relocated to South Africa. She secured a position as a software sales consultant, which eventually sparked the idea of establishing her own software company. In 2008, she took the leap and founded Compu-connect Education as part of C- Connect Africa Consulting and Training, a company she co-founded.

As Compu-Connect Education progressed, Sarah recognized the potential for expansion by incorporating smart technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Initially, the company focused solely on selling educational software. However, the outbreak of Covid- 19 played a significant role in propelling the company’s growth as the demand for digital solutions surged.

Today, Compu-Connect Education has emerged as one of the technology firm driving digital transformation across the African continent. The company has been fortunate to attract customers from both the public and private sectors. With its headquarters in South Africa, the company remains 100% woman owned.

Compu-Connect Education provides comprehensive support for digital transformation to companies and organizations of all sizes throughout Africa. By collaborating across the entire value chain and system, the company ensures sustainability, accountability, relevance, and engagement. Their objective is to empower clients by developing their workforce and leveraging smart technologies to enhance efficiency, while delivering measurable benefits in a cost-effective manner.

Transformative Technology Advocate

Sarah was captivated by the transformative power of technology, which not only enhances productivity but also enriches daily life. As a young mother, she recognized that a career in the IT sector would provide her with the flexibility and control over her time, enabling her to balance her responsibilities as a mother while building her professional journey.

In her present role, Sarah’s main responsibilities revolve around stakeholder management and driving business growth. Additionally, she occasionally oversees the implementation of automation systems based on client requirements, acting as a liaison between clients and her company’s development team.

Sarah strongly believes in the importance of lifelong learning, especially in a rapidly evolving field like hers. She actively seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge by participating in webinars, attending conferences, and taking advantage of freely available online courses. This commitment to continuous learning allows her to stay updated with the latest developments and trends in her profession.

Embracing Opportunities

Being a woman in the technology industry, Sarah faced the challenge of accessing capital to fuel the growth of her firm and transform it into a global company. To overcome this obstacle, she implemented rigorous financial management techniques. By practicing prudent financial strategies, Sarah was able to reinvest all of her company’s profits over the past 15 years. This approach enabled her to sustain and expand the business over time.

Sarah’s advice to women aspiring to pursue a career in technology is that there has never been a more opportune time than now. The technology industry presents incredible opportunities for women, including prospects for career advancement and the ability to have control over their time. This flexibility allows women to fulfill their various responsibilities, such as caregiving for family members. Sarah encourages women to embrace the possibilities that the industry offers and seize the chance to thrive in a field that values their contributions.

Bridging the Gender Gap

As of 2023, women hold 26.7% of technology jobs, based on data from This figure is concerning for leaders. Sarah believes it’s important to actively support women in the IT sector through networking, mentoring, training programs, fostering inclusivity, promoting diversity, and removing entry-level barriers.

To address this concern, Sarah founded a nonprofit tech company called Tech Women Africa Foundation in 2022, located in South Africa. The organization aims to bridge the gender gap in the technology sector. The company has partnered with WITS University Foundation, specifically Tshimolongong Makerspace, to teach girls coding and robotics through extracurricular clubs in schools and community centers in South Africa. The long-term vision is to expand this initiative to other African countries.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, only 28% of women pursue STEM careers, lower than the global average of 30%, as reported by UNESCO. The mission of Sarah’s non-profit company is to promote gender equality in the tech sector in Africa by providing mentorship and technical support to 10,000 girls annually.

“To achieve this goal, we encourage companies to collaborate with us by sponsoring one or more schools to participate in our program for girls, starting from the age of 10, to enhance their technical skills. If your organization would want to support this cause, please get in touch with me on LinkedIn or contact Maker Space (WITS University Foundation) on