Mordecai Rosen: A Data Protection Guru Guiding Organizations in Safeguarding their Data Effortlessly

Mordecai Rosen

Cybersecurity has been a major problem for businesses around the globe. In the 2019 Microsoft Global Threat Perception Survey, 57 percent of businesses listed cybersecurity as a greater danger than economic instability, brand identity, and disruption. For World Health Organization in April 2020, cyber-attacks against staff and affiliated organizations increased fivefold. It can thus be assumed that Cybersecurity threats continue to be an increasingly pressing concern since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Looking into the future, such circumstances raise a question; what does all this mean for the leading roles in the security realm? It is important to note that the role has changed since the start of the pandemic pertaining to nationwide lockdowns with people practicing social distancing and working remotely. A business leader who serves this industry must tackle a specific range of security problems by exploring remotely, through threats and improving client technologies to stay competitive.

And to give you an example, we would like to introduce Mordecai Rosen, the CEO of Digital Guardian, a data protection platform.

A Legacy of Excellence

Mr. Rosen studied Mathematics at University and like most, to pay bills, had to work as an IBM mainframe system programmer. He was great at his job, detecting bugs, and writing operating system code. And he continued on that path while contributing to companies such as Bell Labs and Sun Microsystems and was also involved in the initial commercial development of UNIX and Networking.

“Assemble a great team, establish a culture of excellence, set your sights on solving a big problem, and execute, execute, and execute. That’s the ticket!”

Somewhere along the journey, forming a mind map of the industry, Mr. Rosen got enamored with building great product organizations and businesses rather than writing software. He still counts it as the motivation factor in leading an organization that builds and brings innovative products to market.

Mr. Rosen cites his parents as a profound influence on him. He asserts, “My father was a concentration camp survivor and worked a blue-collar job for most of his life. My mother was a seamstress. Both believed in education and a better life for their children. They did their darndest to make that a reality.” It was this upbringing, learning from these hardworking people to live their day-to-day lives that taught Mr. Rosen the traits of integrity, arduousness, and perseverance.

Setting Solid Benchmarks

Digital Guardian is the first data security tool in the market equipped to deter both internal and external data security threats. The framework works across the business network and conventional endpoints. This underpins the DG Cloud, a large-scale monitoring network that detects and prevents all risks to classified information. It allows data-rich organizations, via their preferred premises, SaaS, or managed service delivery, to secure their most precious resource and has been doing so for over 15 years. Combined with the detection and response to risks, the unique awareness helps organizations to secure data without slowing down the operations.

Redefining Leadership

When asked about the attributes that an ideal leader should possess, Mr. Rosen believes that integrity, self-awareness, and confident humility are key aspects. However, he lists passion and perseverance to be at the top in the technological business landscape. “Together, these form a type of resilience or grit, which is that special armor that sees us all through the trials and tribulations of building a company. This business is rewarding in so many ways, but it’s not easy. Markets, products, and sometimes people will disappoint. Grit and a genuine love of the work are awfully important to see you through,” says Mr. Rosen.

Bequeathing the Keys to Success

In the ever-growing cut-throat competition, Mr. Rosen’s advantage comes from him being on the technological side from the early days, and the latest innovation and change that drives his creative spirit. He adds, “That’s what the technology business is all about. My creative leadership spirit doesn’t need much more than that to sustain.”

Guiding aspiring leaders on how to ride the entrepreneurial path, Mr. Rosen asserts, “Surround yourself with great people, establish a culture of excellence, and lead from the front. Have a point-of-view but be data driven. It’s OK to adjust or evolve in real-time. Finally, be agile and expect change, because, in our business, it’s the one thing that you can absolutely count on.”

Foreseeing a Secure Future

Talking about the future endeavors of Digital Guardian, the CEO highlights the significance of Data as the most valuable asset in the digital world. His mission is to protect data from theft at any costs and believes that with everyday evolution, this mission becomes more relevant.

For Mr. Rosen and Digital Guardian, the vision for the future is quite simple; to deliver a platform to protect the world’s most valuable digital assets. Digital Guardian is my future endeavor. We’re on a mission to secure the world’s most critical data, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” concluded Mr. Rosen.