Mr Harold Hendrickx

Harold Hendrickx
Harold Hendrickx

Harold strongly believes honesty, authenticity, trust and respect are important for any relationship, especially when working together, helping clients and in his role as a parent and husband.

With his wife Nathascha and their 12-year-old son Vince, he lives just outside a village in a small farmhouse near Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, about an hour’s drive east of Amsterdam, accompanied by their chickens.

Harold believes quality is important, as well as clear and extreme ownership. He has a high sense of responsibility, which is a common theme in his work as well as parenting. He works with a high focus and concentration, but only on topics of interest; his high sense of responsibility will take care of the rest.

To clear his mind, he rides his Indian Chief Motorcycle or takes hour-long walks at the dawn of day. Harold needs his quiet and alone moments to recharge and develop new thoughts for new challenges.

Harold loves to solve other people’s business challenges and help them overcome their problems to achieve their goals. He will provide structure, clarity and will take the complexity out for his clients.

Harold is direct in his communication, in a proper and respectful way, and is able to understand and engage with people from top to floor, adjusting his style of leadership and communication.

His skills and competencies were shaped and sharpened in the 20+ years he worked with pride and joy as a Senior

Officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force and NATO in a variety of roles, across the world, as well as the work he did the past 10 years in helping Procurement and Supply Leaders of FTSE 100/Fortune 500 companies in optimising or transforming their processes and functions to deliver value and increase their performance.

Harold has developed the Four-Sided Triangle model to guarantee a proper balance between process, governance, ownership and technology for procurement & supply functions to be first, be right and be ready.

Although being a “red person” (result/goal oriented), his favourite colour is blue, which matches his Air Force-times.

Harold appreciates having a great BBQ, cooking over his open fire pit or enjoying Italian food with drinks, family and friends to accompany him.

He is volunteering at the Rugbyclub of his son, RFC The Rams, as team manager and supports the club to transform to facilitate growth and professionalisation.