Necessity of IoT in Healthcare Industry


Necessity of IoT in Healthcare Industry

IoT becomes necessary in healthcare industry in order to get the best outcomes by tracking or measuring the health of any individual as the measured data affects the performance and outcome during the treatment. As it helps in the improvement of services, technology, and treatment processes, quantified health seems to be the future of healthcare and the use of quantified health technology will be increased in order to get advantages of the relatively used technology.

In order to improve the patients’ health, each and every tiny detail must be taken into consideration to make the most advantageous move for the patients and IoT takes care for the same once the health data of patients get registered on the cloud and the need of feeding the data into EMRs get eliminated. Through IoT, the patients’ wearable devices share the patients’ performance including haywire of heart-rate, the need of care or lack of good care, blood pressure rate, exercise counts and many other measurements with the respective healthcare provider via other devices that the service provider uses while working.

IoT helps to promote preventive care as prevention became a primary focused section against curing the disease because healthcare expenses are expected to increase unmanageably in the near future. IoT allows widespread access to real-time high-fidelity data of every personnel health which helps in reforming the industry by enabling people to live healthier along with preventing the disease.

IoT enhances patient satisfaction and engagement by optimizing surgical workflow as it notifies patients’ families the discharge info after surgery. IoT also reduces the need of clinical interaction between patient and physician as it allows patients to spend more time during interaction through the devices which are connected to the internet and deliver the valuable data easily across the globe. This facility of IoT also increases the patients’ engagement.

IoT also helps in the advancement of care management by enabling care teams to collect the valuable personal health data and connect millions of data points on personal fitness through wearables including heart-rate, perspiration, sleep, temperature and activities performed by the patients. As a result, patients as well as care providers get event-triggered alerts through messages in real-time from the sensor-fed information. Even, it triggers for several conditions whether severe or little normal including elevated heart-rate etc. It enhances workflow optimization and ensure that the management of healthcare is performed as per home comfort.

In addition, IoT also helps the service providers in the advancement of population health management by enabling them to integrate devices to notice the increment in the count of wearables  in order to observe whether the data captured by the devices is getting updated on internet or not otherwise it will get missed out in EHR. Healthcare providers can assure their presence in the lives of their patients by using IoT for home monitoring of chronic disease and also can receive insight driven prioritization.

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