Ofer A. Lidsky: A Distinguished Leader in Digital Health Industry

Ofer A. Lidsky | Founder and CEO. | Excellent Brain Ltd
Ofer A. Lidsky, Founder and CEO. Excellent Brain Ltd

Ever thought about what it would have been like if humans did not possess that profound itch called curiosity? The advancement we have achieved from studying, exploring, and designing would not exist without curiosity. From the first working wheel, to vaccines, to underwater life, to building space shuttles, all things were explored and then developed, all thanks to our curiosity.

By being curious, people can easily derive interest, commit to learning, learn new information, and deliver results with enthusiasm. Soon they realize that they enjoy it and want to become part of it. Not to mention, with time, they can do all this without putting any real effort. However, not many people are fascinated with knowing something and then using it in a fresh and successful way. It is probably what is so unique about curious people.

And that is how we got curious about an exceptional personality who is revolutionizing the industry with his inquisitiveness and leadership skills. We would like you to meet Ofer A. Lidsky, the Founder and CEO of Excellent Brain Ltd. (www.excellent-brain.com)

Mr. Lidsky was born curious. As a child, he wanted to learn and study as much as he could that seemed relevant to him. It was his curiosity which led to him being an employee in a computer company at just the age of 12. Taking astonishment and the aspect of being prodigal to the next level, he established his own company at the age of 19.

During the total span of his career, Mr. Lidsky served primarily towards four disciplines: Information Security, Virtual Reality, Genetics, and Brain-Computer Interface. He acquired voluminous knowledge from all these fields. By 1998, Mr. Lidsky established a VR startup that developed one of the first 3D Virtual Reality communities on the web. And by 2005 he established TerraSafe Ltd. An information security company.

When asked about how he managed to conquer over all the challenges and hardships to reach where he is today, Mr. Lidsky emphasized on his qualities of being strong and having a robust grip on the funding marketing.

“Every entrepreneur can list many large problems and challenges one will be facing when growing a start-up, and even if you have a good idea and a good team, at the end it comes down to funding and marketing. If you have those covered, you have taken a huge step towards succeeding,” he expresses.

Excellent Brain – Brain Training Made Easy

Excellent Brain is one of the first companies to develop a Neurofeedback brain training home kit to be used by home users. It is a Neurofeedback brain training program to improve users’ focus and attention based on positive feedback derived from the persons brain waves (EEG) This kind of brain training fits people who are diagnosed with ADHD. Attention is an ability you can train and improve!

In addition, the platform allows the trainee to practice with friends or family and to set individual demanding targets through a series of neurofeedback exercises, which are exempted from their full training program. For forthcoming years, Mr. Lidsky plans to release brain training programs for neurofeedback, to address various needs, such as peak performance, meditation and relaxation, elderly brain training and more. He believes that such specially designed and customized brain training programs would make it possible for people to change their lives with such innovative products.

Redefining the Benchmarks of Leadership

Mr. Lidsky lists the vital traits every entrepreneur must possess, including inspiration, motivation, and dedication. And in unpredictable environments, Mr. Lidsky underlines the survival of the fittest and staying relevant to the industry and forming positive conditions around the circumstances.

“Life is unpredictable, this is how things are. We are now experiencing that in the hardest way possible because of the pandemic. Which means, you must be agile, you must be able to fit yourself to the market conditions. Survival of the fittest works everywhere,” adds Mr. Lidsky.

He also cites the pressure of differentiating personal and professional life saying, “That is a real challenge! As an entrepreneur there is a huge price on your personal life. Work always mixes with your personal life when you are the boss. Nevertheless, when you are doing what you love it becomes more than possible!

However, no matter what the odds are, Mr. Lidsky believes that in any crisis, it is your leadership skills that are needed the most. He gives the example of this year 2020, where people around the world seek leadership, everywhere they look.

“The main challenge now is to deal with the high levels of uncertainty that we are faced daily. Now it is the time to be very aware of the fact that how we feel is mainly our responsibility and has to do with how we interpret things that occur. A leader has the skill to see things in a way that makes him operate in high performance, even if times are tough,” he asserts.

Surpassing all the hurdles and forming unyielding roots in the industry, Mr. Lidsky leads Excellent Brain with a curious mind to bring Neurofeedback to the homes of users in ways that have never happened before.