OpenseedVC Reaches First Close of $10 Million Early-Stage Fund for Operator-Launched Startups in Africa and Europe

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OpenseedVC, a venture capital firm dedicated to supporting operator-launched startups in Africa and Europe, has announced the first close of its $10 million angel-style, early-stage fund. Maria Rotilu, a General Partner at OpenseedVC, confirmed that the first close has reached well into the millions, with fundraising still ongoing. The investment firm expects to achieve the final close of its $10 million fund within the next 12 months.

When Rotilu founded OpenseedVC in 2024, the goal was to support experienced operators looking to launch their technology companies. The firm guarantees that it will provide these founders with capital, early-stage conviction, and the support of a community of experienced operators, currently comprising over 50 people.

In a conversation with a publication, Rotilu explained the rationale behind OpenseedVC’s approach, stating, “If you’re supporting operators that have identified a problem and are making the leap into building their technology, you’ve likely recognised a common challenge: the need for capital and guidance from other experienced individuals.”

To address this challenge, the founder said OpenseedVC will focus on improving the operator network in four key areas: software engineering, product, go-to-market, and talent. The fund’s operator network consists of people whom the founder has worked with or referred to, as well as limited partners, including founders, professionals from traditional and tech businesses, and high-net-worth individuals from Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Over the next five years, OpenseedVC plans to invest in over 60 startups focused on commerce (such as B2B software, AI, and fintech), productivity, and digital health. Each recipient will receive a check of up to $150,000. The early-stage fund will adopt an open application process, allowing founders to apply without needing an introduction.

So far, the fund has invested in two companies, one of which is a speech-to-text transcription model for underserved accents, starting with Africa. This investment aligns with OpenseedVC’s mission to support operator-launched startups in Africa and Europe, providing them with the necessary capital, guidance, and community support to thrive in the technology landscape.

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