Remote Work: Challenge or Solution?

Remote Work: Challenge or Solution?

We are all adapting to the modern way of working – remote working.

Rather, it is the need of the hour. Are we really liking this system of work? Are we comfortable with the new system? Is it easy to adapt? Well, only time and situation can answer these questions. The answers may not be same for all as we all have our own choices and level of adaptability.

Being a new way of working in the Indian context, we all took time to adjust to it. It has been quite some months since we have entered this system of work. Most of us might have enjoyed it for a few weeks, but it might have gotten boring after that. However, we all can also agree on the fact that we had the same feeling when we started our jobs. The moral here is that the beginning is always exciting, while it does get sedentary after a certain point and that is when boredom seeps in. This is purely human nature.

Everything should be done at the right place and at the right time, so that it does not lose its integrity. The same goes for our remote work from home situation. Even though most of us working from home, certain unpredictable situations arise that hinder our work. There are certain things that are best done from the office. There are many shortcomings and challenges that we faced and are still facing in spite of the measures taken by the employers. Well, I personally have faced these following issues, which I think most of us can relate to.

· Technical Issues: There is always some technical issue that I face in remote work. It might be related to either the Wi-Fi, the laptop, the mobile network, etc. By remote work, I realised that the software used in my office were different from the ones I use at home. I took time to adapt to these methods. Also, change of laptop hampered my typing speed which is obviously very important at my job. It took time to embrace the technology, but still I do face issues with the network and Wi-Fi every now and then. It is just that now I have grown patient and wait for it get the back up and run.

· Communication: I was so used to discussing with my colleagues about anything and everything, that I felt handicapped without them around. Well, I have gotten used to this fact, but still it feels incomplete. The only mode of communication is phone calls, emails, and messages. Moreover, now I feel I do not have the same connection with them like before. I am guessing most of us are feeling the same.

We are all facing challenges each day with the distance and communication gaps. Organizations have tried to minimize our challenges by providing us internet dongles, laptops, and in some cases bonuses to buy tables and chairs too. Everyone is trying their best to adapt to these remote working conditions. I think we are all doing great and at the same time there is still a long way to go. Acceptance and adaptability to the changed pattern of remote work are the only solutions to help us survive and succeed, for this system of functioning is here to stay

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