Positive Remote Work Culture: A Ray of Hope!

Positive Remote Work Culture: A Ray of Hope

Are you facing the problem of adapting to the remote work culture?

Well, I think we all are facing some adjustment issues. Although it has been some months now that we all are working remotely, we still feel there is something missing, don’t we? Some of us have also resumed work from office. However, does that feel right now?

All of us have become so used to staying at home that we don’t feel like going back to office, but we also need to work on the shortcomings that we are facing due to remote working. This dilemma needs to be cleared and comfort must be discovered in any kind of work setting. We have all learned a lesson in life that no matter what, life goes on. Similarly, our work is our daily bread and butter, and we need to give it our best.

Employers could clear the air by making the remote work setting comfortable for all. Every organization should now start focusing on setting a positive remote working culture if they have not yet done so. Achieving a good remote work culture is a challenging task. Company culture is the heart of any organization. A company culture cannot be achieved overnight and the same goes to remote working culture.

The human resources team plays a major role incorporating the company culture in a remote setting. Here are some tips that the HR can follow to achieve this:

  • Company Values: Reminding the employees of the company’s value is very important. We are all working from home and we might have even forgotten what it used to feel to work from office. A weekly email can be generated on how to integrate values with their workflow, weekly kudos or awards can be organized, peer-to-peer recognition can be done, online activities can be held, etc.
  • Improving Communication: Communication is the biggest obstacle of remote working. There are various platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, etc. that allow video calls, audio calls and screen sharing options too. However, the feeling of talking face-to-face cannot be achieved with these applications. Communication standards must be set by the company. Many organisations are having team video call daily in the morning. Others should follow suit to make the employees feel connected. Some communication norms can also be set by the employer that all the employees must follow.
  •  Avoid Isolation: With the remote working culture, there are high chances that the employees may feel isolated. In this setting, there are no water coolers where the employees can catch up. Everyone is working at kitchen tables, couches, home offices, etc. Activities like after hour virtual socials, lunch break activities, fun chat channels can be implemented to make the employees feel connected to each other.

It is difficult to work from home and still feel connected with our office and colleagues. However, to feel connected and productive, these things need to be done by organizations. It won’t be the same as the traditional working methods, but we need to get used to this setting. The future is unpredictable and we need to be ready for anything and everything.

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