Rogers Communications Plans C$10 billion in AI for Network Consistency 


Rogers is planning an investment of C$10 billion for a reliable network. Tony Staffieri, President, and CEO, of Rogers Communications on Sunday announced new steps that the telecom conglomerate has planned to ensure no further network outrages happen again in Canada.

In a letter addressing all customers, Tony said “Today, I would like to share the steps we are taking to learn from the outage and deliver the reliable network you should expect from Rogers,”

Talking about the progress made on an agreement between the competing companies, Rogers has made significant progress on 911 calls. The agreement will enable the 911 calls to be shifted to other network operators, even in situations of any outrage.

Tony said, “I have had an opportunity to speak with many of you directly about the impact of that day and the real frustration it caused,”. He further added “I believe this is the only responsible way forward and I am personally committed to making it possible for all Canadians,”

Rogers Communications is planning on separating the internet services and wireless. The company is aiming for an “always on” network specifically designed to ensure customers get better service.