Samsung to Kickstart Mass Manufacturing of 3 Nanometer Chips


The company surpasses the immediate competitor TSMC in advanced level of chip production. A whopping 3nm chips to be made as aimed by the South Korean electronics MNC.

The mass production of the powerful and efficient 3 namometer chips is expected to accelerate Samsung Electronics Co. easily overtaking the competitor Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is regarded as a benchmark in the global advanced chip manufacturing.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the largest South Korean MNC will start the production of 3nm semiconductors for high performance low power computing applications before expanding to microprocessors.

While showing off the first wafers of 3nm semiconductors, it mentioned that the 3nm products of Samsung, through the application of Gate-All-Around transistor architecture are expected to reduce power consumption by up to 45% and enhance performance by 23% than the 5nm chips. Samsung will produce 3nm chips in the Hwaseong factories and plans to expand further to its latest Pyeongtaek fab.

Both tech giants are competing for big long term business orders from Qualcomm Inc. and Apple. The Taiwan based TSMC said that they are expected to begin its manufacturing of 3nm chips in the later part of the year.