Pilots Offered a Handsome 17% Rise by American Airlines 

American airlines

American Airlines is rewarding its pilots pay rise of nearly 17% around the end of 2024. 

Robert Isom, CEO of American Airlines said that a tentative agreement between the pilots and United Airlines, includes the detailed levels of raise in the pilot wages. In a video sent to pilots, Robert said that the airline’s workers “will be paid well, and paid competitively, no matter what.” 

Robert mentioned that the captain of a Boeing 737 at the top of the proposed pay scale will earn the basic salary of about $340,000 a year, while the senior captains of bigger planes, such as Boeing 777s, would earn about $425,000 annually by the end of 2024.  He said the company is also offering a premium for reassignments, a better profit-sharing program, and other add-ons. 

United pilots are already in the process on a deal expected around 15th July, that would give them 14% raise in 2024. The negotiations for new contracts are also going on in Delta, Southwest and Alaska with their Pilots.