The Scott’s Protein Balls Founders Explain How a Health Issue Become a Business Opportunity

Scott's Protein Balls
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When they couldn’t locate what they were looking for on the market, Lori and Scott Levine founded their company. The creators of Scott’s Protein Balls, Lori and Scott Levine, shared details of their background in the health food sector. Their protein ball business has become very well-known, and I was curious to learn more about how it got started.

Opportunities Arise from Struggles

“Out of nowhere, in 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Lori recounts. “This just happened; I had no family history and no reason to think it would. We were going through a very difficult time, and I had to undergo treatment and surgery. NYU was the hospital of choice for the surgery, and I live on Long Island. I had to have radiation five times a week for eight weeks in the city. I would eat on the go, but my incredible friends and family would drive me both ways. I had a lot of protein bars.

Since Insomnia Cookies was close to the parking garage, I decided that I should be able to have a cookie each time I had radiation.”Upon finishing the treatments, I stepped upon the scale and glanced in the mirror, realizing that I had to take action. Even though I was without a nutritious treat to get me through it, I made the decision to get in the greatest shape of my life. I saw a nutritionist at 52, and she told me to stop eating protein bars even though I never felt better. Placed on the shelf are them. Preservatives are in them.

They contain sugar, soy, and who knows what else. The back is never read by anyone. Simply because they are referred to as protein bars, we assume they are healthful. I used to moan to Scott, a CPA/CFO, when I got home, saying, “I need something.” I’m missing something. He informed me that I had gone through so much, and he felt so helpless and powerless to stop it. Scott remarked, “I’m going to make something for you.” That’s exactly what he did. The rest is history once he invented this tiny peanut butter cacao protein ball.”

Making a product Involves Making Mistakes and Learning too

“Creating Scott’s was all trial and error, to be honest,” said Scott. “I told Lori, ‘You know what, I’m going to work it out,’ since we needed a solution to her problem. As I didn’t know anything at first, this actually meant I was going to try everything to determine what her body needed. We finally found a formula that worked after a lot of experimentation with different amounts of mixing, determining the taste we liked, and calculating the number of calories and protein. It was the perfect size, tasted just like dessert, and contained 80 calories. It also worked for her.

Thankfully, a lot of it came down to arithmetic, which is my strong suit. At night, I would be the only one in the kitchen with a mixing bowl and other ingredients spread out on a table. Sometimes it was so bad that I would feel frustrated, but in the end, I was able to create something truly remarkable. When it comes to taking advantage of retail possibilities, patience is key.
“We have had many opportunities to talk to retailers where we actually turned them down,”
says Lori. We came to the conclusion that you only got one chance, and we ran out of product to visit 400 stores. Although some well-known companies have fortunately chosen us, these choices have been carefully considered and taken cautiously. Every time an opportunity presents itself, we have to make a difficult choice. However, lately, we have been moving more slowly, and as a result, our supply chain is robust. Up until now, we have been entirely self-funded, and we now have a co-packer. Next week, we will conduct our first kosher run. Formal certification and a lot more are in the pipeline.”

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