Things To Do When You Can’t Fill A Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy

If you are running a business, being unable to fill a job vacancy can be extremely worrying. It might seem like you have very few options to explore.

In September, job openings soared to 10.9 million in the USA, with many companies struggling to fill positions. Securing the best talent used to be competitive, but today, hiring any workers of any skill level can be a challenge too.

Do not adopt a defeatist mentality. Be proactive, and think about all the things you can do that better the chances of filling job vacancies in your firm.

Investigate Reasons

Understand why your job vacancy is not appealing to workers. Consider that there could be many reasons why you are failing to fill the position.

Respect that workers have higher standards for workplaces today. Know that reasons you are unable to fill a vacancy could include:

  • Coronavirus concerns in light of the delta variant.
  • People retiring early or returning to education.
  • Low pay in an undervalued profession.
  • Your business earning a poor reputation online.

Retool your job postings on job board. Highlight any coronavirus measures your business has taken in your job advertisements. Mention access to training and career progression opportunities. Stress that pay can be negotiated and will be reviewed annually. Feature positive reviews and any awards you have earned in your firm’s advertising materials – applicants may see these when researching your firm.

Apply for an H-2B Visa

Contemplate specific options for your industry. Hire temporary foreign workers if you need to fill landscape, construction, restaurant, or carnival and resort workers.

Research the H-2B visa requirements that you should keep in mind. Apply for one only when you cannot find qualified American workers to fill vacancies. Ensure the roles are only temporary in nature. Set reasonable expectations and read around the subject further. Follow the appropriate measures so that your firm is legally compliant.

Be aware that immigration laws are constantly changing, which can affect H-2B visa regulations. Prepare for ongoing requirements, such as notifying the USCIS within two working days if visa holders fail to report to work, are terminated, or leave their position without notice.

Use Your Contacts

Contact friends and family members to see if they could recommend anyone for a role you are advertising. Trust that they will ask around their own network to see if anyone is interested.

Appreciate the bonuses of recruiting this way. Have faith in your loved one’s connections. View each recommendation as a character reference as your friend and family member vouches for them on both personal and professional levels.

Consult those you have closer relationships with first, as they are more likely to go the extra mile for you when helping to fill your vacancy. Try not to onboard anyone from competing companies, or your past workplaces, as poaching staff this way might cause problems.

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