Nupour Mukherjee awarded The Global IT – Cloud Power Woman for Innovative Deliveries of Cloud


CIOLook Magzine congratulates Nupour Mukherjee, Managing Director, Global Head, Enterprise Data Technologies, Standard Chartered, for being named one of the 2021 – The Global IT – Cloud Power Woman for Innovative Deliveries of Cloud using ABCORE model.

She has made almost 14 Cloud deliveries in her career and figured out an innovative cloud delivery model using ABCORE.

She is a firm believer of the ABCORE model where A stands for Awesome algorithms, B for Going big on data (Not necessarily spending big on data), C means Low Cost compute, O is Operational Optimum, R is Resilience, result-oriented and E is experience, interpretation, flexibility, etc.

She believes in data miracles like 1.3x benefit in seven months, 1.5x 13 months, 2. x 23 months abs, and massive market outreach resulting in 11x in 3 years and above.

There is an enhanced model over and above Alipay mode from 2017 called


As per her, Data Interpretation for unique customer needs for max outcome-based experience.

Nupur says many use data, some envision about data, few processes are based on market patterns. However, actual Data interpretation is the Art behind the science for unique, custom needs or full outcome experience. She calls DATA ART. Ability to take existing data and to interpret to your unique context and exponential advantage. I.e., this is magic smooth as butter data experience. That data outcome will treat you like no other. Technical is envious rather than alienates, and it cuts through the mist of an ephemeral  technical jargon that alienates rather than simplifies and endeavours. Data analytics is an art by the data users to achieve exponential outcomes in today’s world. And this relies upon various technological advances. Increases the data quotient and diversity in thought can be done in any enterprise and Industry. Our generation wants things now, yet data is in matches, and the art part is getting it real-time. Our generation

needs data now, yet our day is in batches or days. For all data and Cloud solutions.

On the professional front, Nupour has over 25 years of experience in the financial technology sector. Nupour is an exceptional techno-functional leader who has delivered many innovative products and services that have saved more than 20 Million and 300 FTE in her various stints overall.

Nupour has gone beyond the obvious solutions where Nupour has innovated with processes, tools, and ideas at ground level, resulting in savings of more than 10Million USD.

Her ability to understand new technology and make use best use of it is a known personality trait. She used AIML and developed the predictive models and workbench solutions around five years back makes her stand out in the visionary category.

Considering her track record of the last 20 years and her technical and exemplary skills, we award her The Global IT – Cloud Power Woman for Innovative Deliveries of Cloud using the ABCORE model.

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