UK Govt’s £318M Boost for CityFibre Rural Broadband Network


As part of its aspirations to connect more of the nation, the UK government has announced that it will fork out £318 million ($403 million) in funds to network provider CityFibre to connect some 218,000 premises in three English counties with fibre internet access.

This plan, known as “Project Gigabit,” the latest step in the government’s “Gigabit” initiative, offers rural homes and businesses in sections of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Hampshire gigabit-capable fibre connections.

CityFibre has received $318 million in funding to complete this work, according to the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT), and will add an additional $170 million ($215 million) of its own investment to complete the project.

The first installations should be finished by early 2024, and the first live links should be operational by next summer. Survey work is anticipated to begin right away. After being linked, locals and businesses will have access to broadband services via a network that can handle rates of up to 10Gbps, according to DSIT.

Additionally, CityFibre stated that it has committed to offering locals in Norfolk internship opportunities, with the promise of long-term employment in the supply chain for each intern. For six months, 30 community centers in Suffolk will receive free internet access and free gigabit fibre connections.

The government’s goals to spur economic growth and level communities included access to high-speed broadband, according to Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure John Whittingdale, who also announced the new funding.

A contemporary digital infrastructure would assist 218,000 homes and businesses in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Hampshire, enabling local economies and our goal to increase connection throughout the UK, he mentioned in a statement.

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