With Steady Rise in EV Demand, BYD and Tesla Post Record Sales


As the world’s top-selling clean automakers, BYD Co. and Tesla Inc. broke new sales records in the second quarter.

In figures released on Sunday, Tesla, driven by Elon Musk, delivered a record 466,140 vehicles globally, above Wall Street expectations. BYD, the top-selling automaker in China, reported its best-ever quarterly sales figures of 700,244 new-energy vehicles, with the other half being plug-in hybrids.

Shares of BYD increased by as much as 3.2% on Monday morning in Hong Kong. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. and LG Energy Solution Ltd., two suppliers of Tesla batteries, increased by 2.3% and 3.1% on Monday, respectively, before trimming gains.

Tesla’s performance proved that Chief Executive Officer Musk’s promise to increase volume by lowering prices had the desired result. According to a survey of analysts, the business shipped 448,350 automobiles during the quarter.

In a phone interview early on Sunday, Ben Kallo of Robert W. Baird stated, “It is a big beat.” People were still expecting another wave of price reductions, but this large delivery number reduces that likelihood.

The number of deliveries is an 83% rise from a year ago and the largest ever in a quarter for Austin-based Tesla. Additionally, the corporation was able to close the second-quarter deficit between production and delivery, which was a number carefully tracked by analysts, to 13,560 units. It produced about 18,000 more automobiles in the first quarter than it delivered.

The company has significantly lagged BYD in China, its second-largest market, because BYD has a much younger portfolio and more ambitious worldwide goals. Following a decision to provide financial subsidies to some of its Model 3 buyers last month, Tesla announced this week that it was slashing the pricing of its premium automobile models in China by more than 4.5%.

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