Ynvisible: A Global Leader in ELECTROCHROMIC DISPLAYS

Inês Henriques | Co-founder & COO | Ynvisible
Inês Henriques | Co-founder & COO | Ynvisible

The emergence of the Internet of Things(IoT) is driven by embedding electronic functionalities into all types of objects and environments. The key technological enablers of the IoT are enhancements in cloud computing infrastructure, wireless communications, microelectronics, and notably low power electronics. A key concern for realizing a fullblown vision of the IoT is how this can be all done profitably and sustainably. Conventional electronic components, production processes, and material sets are not suited for realizing this vision. Ynvisible aims to be a leading company in the emerging printed electronics sector, a key enabling set of technologies for the IoT. The company’s interactive printed graphics are produced using conventional printing and converting processes such as screen printing, coating, lamination, die-cutting, etc. The organization offers full system design, integration, and production services led by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers & experts. Together with a network of partners, Ynvisible offers everything needed to get clients started with electrochromic displays and other printed electronic components and technologies.

Introduction of next-generation Functionalities 

The printing industry, on a global level, is close to 800 billion dollars annually. Printed graphics and surfaces are everywhere. People run into printed items thousands of times daily. The company is introducing printed electronics inks and displays to client bases in the label & RFID industry, in the healthcare sector, and then to certain premium consumer brands. It builds partnerships designed to accelerate the development and ultimate market introduction of next-generation functionalities for printed displays.

That’s where Ynvisible is starting the business, and these are already items where the production volumes are often in the tens or hundreds of millions of units per one single item on an annual basis. The positive workplace consists of employees who enjoy and are passionate about their work and who exhibit both personal and professional pride in the products and services the company provides to its customers. The company’s employees look forward to coming to work and are enthusiastic in creating new products and collaboratively interacting with co-workers, as it is creating history.

Interaction with all types of Smart Objects 

The team is truly diverse, with locations in Portugal, Germany, Sweden, and Canada. Ynvisible’s interactive printed graphics technology offers a practical visual interface to all types of internet of things items and smart everyday objects. The company offers clients the full solutions to their smart product needs, from developing prototypes to full-scale production. There is a steady flow of requests for the company’s interactive printed graphics solutions for smart labels and smart packaging. In labels, the request is most often for visual indicators combined with sensors. The company anticipates strong growth in smart labels and increased uses in higher-priced, premium products.

Performance Enhancing Technologies 

Ynvisible has developed a technology that allows for printing inks that change color in response to a small electrical current. In addition to the production scaleup and roll-out of the current generation of the company’s proprietary printed display solutions, the company works actively to enhance the performance of its technologies and products to build market leadership. The organization’s facilities are used to train outside design and production houses to work with the company’s proprietary technologies, in order to implement the first technology transfer cases to outside production houses.

Interactive printed graphics based on the company’s inks can be printed directly onto RFID labels and powered wirelessly over RFID reading. Therefore, the company sees additional potential in enabling RFID and NFC labels with additional features and functionalities. In terms of product authentication, there is a great demand for innovation as the solutions have to fit the product’s end-use, it’s packaging and supply chain.

Creative and Responsible

Leader Inês Henriques is a Co-founder and COO of Ynvisible. She was CEO of the company from the creation of the company to the closing of the RTO transaction with Ynvisible Interactive Inc. in January 2018. Inês led the founding of the company, designed the organization of the new commercial entity, was responsible for building a highly competent team and has also been actively involved in the development of the company’s core IP portfolio, and in establishing, the organization’s first manufacturing partnership and wider partner networks. She currently leads operations for the company. Inês has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the New University of Lisbon and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Building Visibility and Awareness 

Ynvisible is in the field of printed electronics, focusing on the space of the internet of things. A central theme in the company is to build visibility and awareness of its interactive printed graphics solutions beyond the printed and flexible electronics sector. As for other packaging integrated applications, the use cases for flexible and printed electronics are still more skewed to one-time promotional uses, but brand authentication is certainly another driver. Brand owner clients with smart product initiatives targeting product launches in 2019 and 2020 are a priority for the team. During the year, the company expects to sell a growing number ofproduct design, prototyping, and production projects within lead business arenas. As the next step to these projects, the company’s further aim is to sell first volume production of printed displays from its sheet-based production line in Charneca de Caparica, Portugal, and its roll-based production line in Linköping, Sweden.


Leif Ljungqvist, the Acting CEO of Consensum: “We see a growing market for printed electronics worldwide and this acquisition is a next logistical development step for Ynvisible who has been one of our clients to develop and advance this technology