Biggest Problems associated with Leadership.

Leadership Cons

This has been said time and again that leaders are born that way. But this is a false statement and contradicts the actual meaning of leadership.

A leader is a person who the masses look upto to lead them through the tough roads and a leader may or may not be born into leadership. Great leaders are often made through the turmoil of time. However, being a leader is no piece of cake and is tougher than it sounds.

The worst aspect of being a leader is that, no one ever teaches you how to do it. It is a come as it may sort of street and leaders have to adapt and develop according to experience. This a tough path and sometimes may end up being the turmoil of the entire company.

Leadership often comes with its pros and cons and below mentioned are four of the major CON’S of Leadership:

1. Lack of Communication

Building ground rules and keeping the company up and running might seem like an easy thing, but it is utter waste if the leaders fail to communicate effectively. Communication is key, but so is comprehension and making sure that the news effectively reaches the masses and has been put to appropriate action is the job of the leader.

Having an optimum communication system with employees and stakeholders could dramatically increase progress.

2. Firing employees

This does not come as a surprise that once a team has become a close knit family, it becomes tougher to expel someone because of their ineffectiveness. Here, the outlook on the bigger picture is important as when it comes to the company, sloppiness cannot be tolerated. The fear of having to fire someone goes hand in hand when it comes to being a leader. One just needs to accept the standing of their decree and face the situation head-on.

3. Lacking a vision

A leader should be clear about his/her vision and should have a well established plan that has to be implemented. When asked about the company’s future and goals, they should have an estimated script with them. This in no ways means bluffing about the workings of the company, but rather having a clear vision that inspires the company and could tender to its growth.

4. Defective Company Culture

There are other defects of leadership that could be tampered with to make them work, but once the company culture has been hampered, there is no going back. A leader becomes a successful leader only when the companies people believe in it and feel that the leader could help take the company to great heights. Having a healthy company culture is just as important as having a plan for the companies future. Without either the companies downfall is inevitable and its a leaders responsibility to make sure that these two function in harmony. 

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