Workplace Conflict and Resolution

Workplace Conflict and Resolution

Workplace Conflicts are a part of human life and have been the reason for co-existence of people throughout times.

However, slightest bit of a wavy tone or a hint of aggression and things could go down hill from there. This could often happen under closed and restricted settings such as one’s workplace. Workplace Conflicts could be a major problem if not dealt with in the proper manner and might create an awkward working situation.

It is illogical to expect everything in life to flow smoothly without any sort of misunderstandings and conflicts. When in comes to leadership, leaders and conflicts go hand in hand and it is often a talent when one learns to embrace it. There are few tried and tested methods that have been known to resolve this sort of tension.

  1. Keep ego out when you walk through the door

This might seem bookish and maybe even impossible, but this is a method that has seen the best results. When in such a close vicinity within other people there should always be personal boundaries that everyone should respect and a certain set of guidelines that everyone should follow. Keeping and maintaining a personal distance works best for everyone.


2. Having unclarified roles at the workplace

This might even be the most frustrating thing, but when one does not know the defined role they have been assigned, they could be a little put off. It is the managers job to find and assign titles to everyone in his/her team and it may sometime happen so that maybe some people might not find the dismissal of this concern. Everyone should be assigned their job descriptions appropriately to avoid any sort of disagreement.

  1. Blame game

This could easily be the most convenient reason for any sort of office workplace conflict and this should be avoided at any cost. This sort of argument is caused because of the dire need to be right all the time. This again co relates with the one with the ego. This just means that, everyone goes through changes and tends to make mistakes and this a part of the learning curve. Acceptance is the biggest gesture of all and it would all make sense in the end and blaming anyone for a mistake does not help.

  1. Restricting conversation

This in no ways mean do not be friends with your colleague, this just means when talking about anything related to a business or the company, one should just restrict to speaking about the companies goal and companies interest at heart. The main goal always lies in the bigger picture.

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